AppSec is the Applied Security Research Group (also known as ISIS ) at SBA Research. Our main research interests focus on the improvement of Systems, IoT and Hardware Security & Privacy.


Research and other activities

Our work touches on several different topics, from software, through firmware down to hardware. We work on methods to help with the analysis and reverse engineering of software and firmware for the purpose of identifying bugs as well as analysing privacy implications. Furthermore, we are interested in Methods that can be used to extract information from hardware and allow deeper analysis. Analysing such systems provides deeper insights and helps with strengthening security and privacy for end users.

Apart from research activities, we are furthermore involved in teaching lectures at TU Wien and the University of Vienna and are active in CTFs.


Papers & Theses from us and our students

Concealed Honeypots: Developing a Tunneling System. (2024). University of Vienna. Master Thesis.
Fuzzing Embedded Protocols. (2023). TU Wien. Master Thesis.
Malware Detection Evasion using IO Uring. (2023). TU Wien. Bachelor Thesis.
GRIEviOS: Generating RandomInput Events for iOS app analysis. (2023). TU Wien. Bachelor Thesis.