A round of Hacker Jeopardy

Fun at the International Ethical Hacking Bootcamp 2024

Photo by Marco Squarcina

About 1 week ago TU Wien hosted an International Ethical Hacking Bootcamp for the participants of the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC). For the participants it was 3 days of interesting talks, tutorials and CTF challenge solving.

For us, it was one evening of fun as we had the pleasure to prepare a Hacker Jeopardy for the participants on Friday, 7th of June. Battling for glory and rubber ducks, we sent them on a journey into vast amounts of (random) trivia around cybersecurity and pop culture!

We hope everybody had as much fun as we had during the competition.

Georg Merzdovnik
Georg Merzdovnik
Senior Researcher

My research interests include IoT/Systems Security & Privacy.

Michael Pucher
Michael Pucher

My research interests include systems security, malware analysis and embedded security, focusing on software reverse engineering and dynamic binary analysis.