Research Topics & Projects

The things we are interested in

Topics of Interest

The topics we are either currently working on or are interested in

To give you and idea about our interests, the following (non-exhaustive) list provides some topics we would like to investigate. If you are a student looking for a thesis topic, this might be a good point to start.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security and Privacy

  • Static and Dynamic Firmware analysis
  • Update mechanisms for constrained IoT systems
  • Secure embedded operating systems for IoT applications
  • IoT network protocol security analysis
  • Identification of privacy leaks and protections for IoT devices and protocols

System Security

  • Binary analysis and de-obfuscation
  • Binary decompilation
  • Fuzzing
  • Automated exploitation
  • Binary rewriting & hardening

Hardware Security

  • Fault Injection attacks
  • Side-channel attacks

However, as said before, this list is non-exhaustive. If you are generally interested, but not completely sure about the specific topics, contact us and we might be able to figure something out. Or we might have other, unlisted topics, which could be of interest for you.

Furthermore, if you already have a topic in mind, which might not be listed here but does fit the general direction of the topics, contact us as well.

Additionally, we might also list some more specific topics here:

Automated Identification and Emulation of Web Service Binaries Extracted from IoT Linux Firmware Samples (several BAs/MAs are possible)
Check if source code/binary is prone to fault injection and patch source code/binary with countermeasures
Implementing Obfuscations as Additional LLVM Passes
Nyx-Net on Embedded Systems
Plugins for OSS Tools (e.g. Ghidra)

Research Projects at a Glance

Past and present project involvements

Here you can find further information on some of the research projects that we are either currently involved in, or have been involved in in the past. Our research focuses mostly on Security of IoT and embedded devices. But we are additionally interested in privacy aspects of such technologies.